China’s most popular actress Yao Chen 姚晨 and Yu Cao 曹郁 wedding photography

First of all, our heartisest congratulations to China’s most popular actress Yao Chen 姚晨 and Yu Cao 曹郁!

On 17th November 2012, they finally tied the knot by having an intimate church ceremony at the St. Peter’s Church in New Zealand dressed in an elegant Vera Wang bridal gown where Yao Chen is their travel ambassador. Sometimes, we feel that weddings does not have to be big scale and extravagant. It is the people that brings out the wedding.

We believe in Yao Chen and Yu Cao’s decision to avoid the media and press for all the glamor and sponsorship that they can get for their wedding. Very often, the best weddings that we have came across are those small intimate weddings where true emotions run. Sometimes, we even shed a tear when we feel the couples through their heartfelt speeches.

Yao Chen met her husband, Yu Cao while working together in the 2010 rom-com, “Colour Me Love”.

For our actual day wedding photography, we focus more on the people than the place. Of course, having your wedding in a beautiful place helps in the photography aspect. But ultimately, when all the things have come and gone, we are pretty sure that its the true emotions from your family and friends in your very own wedding that you would like to treasure.

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