Emotionless Singaporeans and wedding photography

When it comes to wedding photographing singaporeans, we have to agree what Yahoo news and channel news asia have published to a certain extent. Many times, we have seen wedding couples being stressed over their day itinerary or to anticipate what is happening next. Imagine having a sullen face the whole day on your wedding! Photography do not lie and it will show up in the photos. Definitely a not worth thing to do.

Occasionally, we do have the great opportunity to photograph some wedding couples that really portrays their true genuine emotions on wedding day. We really encourage wedding couples to let go of all the minor things that might happen and simply just relax, sit back and enjoy the big day with your loved ones. If you really need someone to take care of all the details stuff, you can consider engaging a wedding planner too!

Most of the time, Singaporeans could be looking like what they call a “poker” face due to stress from work and environment. But we believed most Singaporeans will be emotional when the time is right.

Emotions during weddings are extreme and ranged from joy to tears. One moment, your parents can be happily chatting with relatives, and the very next moment, they can be hugging you, tearing, before you leave the house.

Most experienced actual day wedding photographers are able to capture the emotions and moments. This is where having a good wedding photographer is important. We strongly believed that emotional moments are meant to be captured, and remembered, especially if it’s once in a lifetime affair.