Why do you need to set aside a bit more budget for an experienced wedding photographer?

Wedding Photography by Avior Pictures

Wedding Photography by Avior Pictures

An experienced wedding photographer is a rare find. Take into consideration a simple gathering. Some pictures are really well taken, and you can tell because the FaceBook or Twitter comments you garner consists of “That really captures the moment” or “All candid pictures should be this good!”

As mentioned earlier, price comes with quality and a more complete experience.

Even for experienced wedding photographers, having each and every single picture receive this comment is nigh on impossible, let alone budding photography enthusiasts armed with nothing more than a smartphone and a clever app. But instead of getting your friends and family to pose, re-pose and then pose once more for that perfect shot, an experienced photography is able to anticipate what might happen next, after all, he would have gone through countless similar events. This will allow for a far higher chance of that perfect shot for the many wonderful moments to be captured and shared for years to come.

Wedding photography by avior pictures

Wedding photography by avior pictures

And if you engage an experienced actual day wedding photographer, that perfect shot for your perfect day is something that is hard to put a price on. The majority of us will only get married once in our entire lifetime. Instead of relying on smartphone wielding guests taking pictures that might turn out to be good or, more likely, blurred and out of focus, it will be far and away a wiser choice to turn to an experienced hand. It is easy to take a nice picture where everyone is posing for the group photo, but when everyone is mingling, enjoying the food, having a laugh over a couple of drinks, those are the pictures you really want to have.

Also, the wedding photographer’s equipment must be taken into account. Since there is usually only one photographer and at least 20 tables of guests, it is mission impossible for the photographer to be at all areas of the ballroom or restaurant at the same time. Instead, by investing heavily on a stable camera, with myriad functions and settings to cope with the various lightings as well as the flow of the human traffic, the task becomes more manageable. The flash and the additional lenses are further necessities for the pictures and the moments to be captured even if he was taking from one corner of the room to the other.

Other unseen equipment would be the storage cabinet for the camera and the lenses, as they need to be kept in a dust free environment with a controlled level of humidity, not unlike a wine chiller, but with a far higher sensitivity level of settings. Also, various computer software are also required in order the pictures to be touched up should there be unexpected blemishes or unflattering instances.

When you hire a professional wedding photographer, what you are paying might just seem like a one day job.

However, these are only the tip of the ice berg. Not to forget the editing that goes into your photos after that, the studio rent, hardware, software licenses, utilities bill, marketing, album printing cost, etc… just to name a few.

So should you set aside a bit more of your budget and is it worth for an experienced wedding photographer? We would have to say that it is an emphatic and resounding, yes.