Featured on 联合晚报… BUT….

Yes, our northern lights wedding photography is featured on 联合晚报 as well.

But sad to say, we don’t really like the way they wrote about us.

We hope that this blog post will help to clarify some points.

1) We did not come up with any package to sell it to the couple. The trip was just a wedding photography trip that was meant to fulfill all our dreams in life, which is having an overseas wedding photography shoot under the northern lights sky.

2) The cost of $25,000 was only realized AFTER the trip. Jianyong and Jacqueline is also well aware that cost will add up even before flying, as there are a lot of unforeseen circumstances.

3) Avior Pictures IS NOT a bridal studio. We are a group of sincere passionate professional wedding photographers whom are very fun and at the same time, set high expections on our wedding photography work

4) The assistant that they mention, is actually our friend.

5) Avior Pictures and the couple did homework on northern lights together before flying. So everyone understood the risk and adventure before flying.

6) The cost mentioned is for everyone (5 pax) flight, accommodation, car rental, food, etc. We were there for a total of 7 days 6 nights, including travel.

7) Come and talk to us, then you will realize how fun we can be. :)