Instant Print – Instant Photos

actual day wedding photography and instant print

actual day wedding photography and instant print

Instant Photos. In An Instant!
Yes it is the truth, and we really mean it!
We have often been asked the same question over and over again. How different are you from the rest of the instant prints providers and what set you apart from them.

Read on and discover the hidden truth..

Our Photo Printers- We use Kodak Dye Sublimation Printers unlike the inkjet printers that are commonly used in the market currently. In short, out printouts are ‘photos’ that look like ‘photos’.

Variety Of Sizes- We offer a variety of sizes from the credit card size 2R, the ever popular 4R, the 6R and all the way to 8R.

High Speed Printing- We prints a 4R in 8 secs. Yes 8 secs is all it takes to print a 4R! No personal printer in the market can match us in this aspect. Your guests can literally pick them up instantly. This is what we call Instant Prints!

High Quality Finish- We only uses original Kodak Photo Paper which comes with a fade and water resistant finish. The colours will last a lifetime and the memories will remain for a long time to come.

Unique Customized Borders- Our photo borders are customized for every individual wedding or event lending it a personal touch. No two borders are alike. We call it ‘Unique Customized Border’!

Unique Live Projection- Images are projected live onto the screen with the Unique Customized Border designed for you. This is unique to Instant Fotos. We call it ‘Unique Live Projection’!

Wireless Transmission- Images are transmitted wirelessly to our backend system for Instant Printing and Unique Live Projection. Manual download is passé!

True Blue Unlimited Prints- We print at an astonishing speed of 8 secs per 4R. As such, we are able to cover Table-to-Table shots. One single printer is sufficient enough to cover for an event of up to 300 paxs. Maximum number of photos ever printed with a single machine was 950+ for a dinner banquet. We call it ‘True Blue Unlimited Prints’. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out that we are indeed value-for-money!

Upload To Facebook- All images will be edited, enhanced and uploaded to Facebook by the next day. Your guests can tag and download the soft copies from there. You will also receive a customized DVD of all the images.

Viewing Monitor- A monitor will be set up at the printing booth so guests can view the photos and request for extra copies of the photos that they want.
Don’t take our words for it. Come and experience the ‘True Blue Unlimited Prints’ for yourself.

Find out firsthand why we are probably the preferred choice when it comes to Instant Prints.

Remember that we are just a phonecall away!