Lesbian white wedding held at Tokyo, Disneyland

We came across a publication about a lesbian couple white wedding held at Tokyo, Disneyland lately in Yahoo News.

The event on Friday was the first homosexual wedding in the popular amusement park even though gay marriage has no legal standing in Japan. The couple first hit the headlines after the theme park initially told them there would be no problem with the ceremony provided they dressed “like a man and a woman”.

We have also shot wedding photography in Disneyland before too! However, we have shot in HongKong, and not tokyo. Seeing the news bring back memories about the adventure that we had in Disneyland with Zexin and Huifeng.

We can still remember that our luggage was lost when we reached HongKong. Somehow, Tigerairway flew our luggage to India! And we were left stranded for 48hours without luggage. Luckily we were in HongKong and we can quickly get to the town to purchase the basic necessities and some basic wedding photography equipment for our usage.

Once that is resolved, only then our luggage appeared in the midst of our wedding photography shoot.

Awhile after the shoot, we are also most pleased to share with Zexin and Huifeng that one of the photos won us a WPJA award!



Hardwork paid off! :)

We are also most glad to share that we have shot at Tokyo and Mount Fuiji before too! Check out our Facebook for updates on the Tokyo wedding photography and Mount Fuji shoot!