Overseas Pre-Wedding Photography Travel Challenges

With the year ending, alot of people have been traveling overseas. Similiarly, most wedding couples choose an overseas pre-wedding photography location based on what they have seen in the movies or after listening to their friends’ experiences, and while this is romanticism at its best, it might not always work out as imagined.

Firstly would be the travel and accommodation arrangements to consider. Who would be in the entourage with the wedding couple, and if there are more than 4 people involved, what vehicle would be required for transportation. Also, would the wedding photographer and the makeup artist be from Singapore or locals from the country?

Just like in Singapore, most taxis can carry a maximum of 4 people, but with all the additional luggage and wedding attires for both the bride and groom, more vehicles might be needed. Then it is necessary to enquire on booking fees and charges depending on distance, location and of course duration. In case of inclement weather, some wedding photography sessions end up a lot longer than expected. Should that happen, there is a possibility that the overseas stay could even be extended by an additional day or two. At which point the work schedules of all involved will come into consideration as well.

Once that hurdle is cleared, there are a couple of other factors to take into consideration, such as how familiar are you with the venue of choice. Going to a historical monument for holiday and snapping pictures is the norm, but conducting a professional wedding photography shoot might need applications of licences and permits for the usage of the grounds. Even so, the environment might be changed from the previous site recee and this might be an area where the locals are not entirely familiar with.

Also, an area of concern is the safety and security of everyone. Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world, and while photogenic spots around the region make for an excellent looking wedding album, the safety aspect leaves much to be desired. There are many accounts of people getting robbed overseas, and with the equipment and valuables left unguarded in the vehicle during the wedding photography session, there lies the risk of losing a lot of personal belongings. So do take care of your belongings when travelling!

So while travelling overseas for your pre-wedding photography session is a dream come true with the picturesque backdrops which look like those on the front of postcards, the logistical issues before and during could well turn out to be far more challenging than confirming the seating arrangements at your wedding dinner.

Whether you are getting ready for your overseas wedding photography shoot, or a fellow photographer, do feel free to contact us for a chit chat session on how we really prepare for all our overseas assignment even in the most challenging environments.