Runaway brides in Singapore – Wedding photography

As reported in Yahoo lately, there are more and more of such cases of runaway brides before the wedding. Due to the high rising HDB flats houses, more couples are being forced to get married younger as the older you are, the higher the cost of the flats will be.

Whatever tough life that may lies ahead, we shouldn’t run away from a wedding. And by running away, your love one, family and friends will be so disappointed. Also, think of all the backlash that might happen! Debts, getting cold shoulder from your partner, ugly comments from people, etc.

Think of this, your other half has been with you through thick and thin over the years. After your wedding, you and your other half will be unified as one.

Even if you want to run, hold and run with your other half to finish life’s journey.

A wedding is a very memorable event in your lifetime. Even after wedding, life wouldn’t be perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect life, or a perfect someone.

Just remember, when honeymoon is over, you always have your wedding photography photos to remember your special day. Revive all the wonderful moments and fun you share with your love ones!