Wedding next gate crash – Psy “Gentlemen” Video

WIth Gangnam style dying down, and so is harlem shake, we foresee a new video that will emerge as the champion of what most wedding photographer will see during gate crash – Psy’s “Gentlemen” Video.

Psy’s “Gentleman” MV amasses 10.7 Million views breaking Justin Bieber’s record for most Youtube views in a single day.

In lightening speed, or rather, just 16 hours, “Gentleman” has already gained over 10.7 million views and counting. Shortly after reaching this milestone, Psy tweeted.

Psy now holds the record for most Youtube views in a single day, not just by a K-pop singer, but by any person, in the history of Youtube. Former record holder Justin Bieber will have to settle for second place behind Psy, for the second time (he has the #2 most viewed video on Youtube). The young star’s music video for “Boyfriend“ received 8 Million views on the day of its release, a seemingly unbeatable record.

So, with such great record, it is easily guessable that Psy “Gentlemen” Video might be the next most popular dance that groom might have to do during gatecrash for our wedding photographers.

A tip for our groom, from our wedding photographers – Watch out and learn Psy’s gentlemen dance during its chorus. Normally, thats the more popular part. :)