Wedding Photographer intern – Joe shares her experiences

Below is a true heartfelt sharing with our wedding photographer intern, Joe Teoh whom spend 7 weeks with us as an intern.

Read on to find out the Avior working culture and why she can’t bear to leave us. :D

I Love My Job
As an intern in Avior Pictures for seven weeks, I learned more than one academic year in school. Avior Pictures is very committed to its employees, for instance i am treated just like a full-time staff and given plenty of opportunities and hands-on tasks which i was able to learn about different departments and it is useful to my future career. Through the process, i gained a lot of useful experiences and lessons. They even provided me to attend seminar and training program such as Money & You program which cost about two thousand dollars. I did not sign any contract with them but trust, i bet there is no other company will take the risk like this. In return for their trust on me, I am willing to make my commitment to the company.

I was in culture that makes interns feel valued and like a part of the company just like any other employee. They are very friendly, actually more friendly than I had expected. My liaison officer have visited me the first time, he could tell that the way they treat me just like a family. They are willing to teach and share what they know, even when I was just an intern. As compared to other companies, working schedule in Avior Pictures was full of flexibility, i was immersed in different works and no day is the same. Besides, I have chances to meet clients who usually are famous companies from different industries and work in luxury or special places where i probably has no chance to go.

The working environment is full of positive energy, they are very supportive and energizing. I was influenced by their positive attitude which i believe that leads me to a brighter pathway, therefore it brings me more energy and happiness. In fact, I am really enjoy working with Avior Pictures.