Wedding Photographers

As the saying goes, “clothes do not make the man”, and by that logic, acquiring a camera does not make a photographer. Anybody can buy a camera, but it takes a great deal of passion, instinct, and patience to go into photography professionally. This is the challenge every photographer faces when they dive into professional photography.

Although we use Canon’s full-frame cameras, we are of the opinion that the best camera is not the most expensive camera, but the one that is in your hands when a picture-perfect moment appears, even if it is just your mobile phone’s camera. In addition to strong interpersonal skills and a solid understanding of the fundamentals of composition and photography, we strongly believe that professional photographers need to hone a special sixth sense to anticipate when a special moment is about to occur – these moments only last a split second and there is no redo button to go back and attempt to capture that moment once again.

Today, you can find an Avior Photographer just about anywhere in the world at any venue with a couple at a shoot. Why do we do it?

To bring tears of joy and to be able to bring and share those special moments with each and every couple while sometimes shedding a tear or two ourselves – that is why we took up a camera for the first time and why we continue to do so.

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