Wedding photography at beach

Couples whom have engaged us for our wedding photography will know, we are somehow, famous of our style of non-traditional, dynamic and fun wedding photos. This style has earned us a niche in the already saturated wedding photography market.

Lately, while surfing around the web, we stumble upon a wedding photography accident at a beach.
wedding photography avior pictures big wave

Although we have done many wedding photography at beaches and also underwater wedding photography before, we are fortunate and blessed to have so far, so good photos.
The craziest beach wedding photography we had was very strong wind howling at us at 8 deg at Perth wedding photography. You don’t even need to hold the veil to make it fly.



And of course, our now “more famous” underwater shot that won us another WPJA gold medallion wedding photography award recently.

We are actually doing a lot more creative shots now, so stay tune for it!
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