Wedding Photography packages

We are sure, that you, as a wedding couple have been surfing a few local pre-wedding photographer, overseas wedding photographer and actual day wedding photographers website and have look thru a few wedding photography packages. So, to help wedding couple find their ideal wedding photographer, we have compiled some of the commonly asked questions when we meet up.

Why are our wedding photography packages on the slightly high end side?
Actually, we are not expensive. If you were to compare our wedding photography packages with some of the high end wedding photographers whom had won wedding photography awards, we are actually one of the lowest among. But, if you were to compare our wedding photography package with those newbie wedding photographers, then ours will be slightly higher than theirs.

Why we do not give discount on our wedding photography packages?
Here at Avior Pictures, we use our 200% effort when we go to shoot at your wedding day. We also use top of the range wedding photography equipment and do not stinge on our equipment. Anytime when any of our equipment goes into canon service center, it easily rakes up to few hundred. Similarly, you do not ask a doctor for discount too. :)

How can i see your wedding photography packages?
We are pleased to share our wedding photography packages with you.
You may view a soft copy PDF of our wedding photography packages brochure here.