Wedding Photography question

Very often, we have people asking us during wedding photography discussion meet up…

Popular Wedding Photography Question 1
“Can we get back all the photos for my pre wedding photography?”

Well, its not that we do not want to give you back all the photos. But we bet that even if we give you back all the unedited photos, you might not want it. Here’s an example.





There are many cases where we are not able to control the environment we shoot at. So we had to shoot at the best possible settings on our camera there and then. Then again, there is no such thing as the perfect way to shoot a certain photo. Many times, after shooting, we will have to edit the photos.

We also normally end up including more photos in your wedding photography album after your shoot at no extra cost too.

Our word of advice? Go for quality over quantity. You will treasure the quality photos in time to come.

Popular Wedding Photography Question 2
“Oh, i am also a photographer. Can i take back all your raw for my actual day wedding photography? I would like to edit the wedding photos myself”

We take pride in our work. Everytime when we shoot, we visualized how the end product will be, even before we press the shutter.

We would very much prefer to serve you on your wedding photography, instead of yourself having to go thru thousands of photos after your wedding photography, and the daunting task of editing all of them yourself.

Bottom line, put your trust on us, reputable professional wedding photographers, just like how you would trust a doctor with your life.

Ask anyone whom had done so, especially those that had placed complete trust in us, many of their photos won international wedding photography awards after that.