Overseas Pre-Wedding Photography

You can count on us at Avior Pictures to travel around the word with you and your partner to document your overseas pre wedding photography with the most beautiful as well as appropriate background setting.

Regardless of whether you envision yourselves with the Auroras as the backdrop, picturesque Australia or any other exotic locale far off from the shores of Singapore, we have you covered with our professional photography services at any given time. We’ll be more than pleased to bring all our equipment and ourselves to the given venue to be a part of your special day and maybe even carry out a pre-wedding or engagement photography session before the actual wedding. In addition to this, our photographers also have a knack for bonding with the couple and enabling them to take the most natural pictures which reflect their personalities perfectly.

Thanks to our all-encompassing range of photography services, you can have the wedding of your dreams and capture every special moment of it!

Please look at the photos below and just remember that you can look every bit as happy and radiant as the couples we show here.

Overseas Actual Day Wedding Photography
- Tim and Liah
- More coming soon!