Pre-Wedding at Hanoi, Halong Bay, Vietnam

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When anyone mention Hanoi, most of us will think of busy streets and crowded places.

Somehow, we managed to survive all those and came back with a WPJA award for Lit portrait at the super busy streets in Hanoi!

Lucien and Liping has always been the very sporting and they have this “Ah beng and Ah lian” feel. But deep inside this “Ah beng and Ah Lian” lies a very caring and heart warming pair of souls. Its with no wonder that their pre-wedding photos turn out truly themselves.

Memories in Hanoi, Halong Bay includes
- Dark caves that are so crowded
- Busy polluted streets
- Awesome heavenly scenery at Halong Bay
- King prawns at a crazy price
- An evil tour guide cum hotel manager that just want to earn your money
- WPJA award at the most un-imaginable conditions.
- Playing 5-10 guessing game in hotel room until the wee hours together, Like a boss. :)