Pre-Wedding at HongKong Disneyland

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A totally unforgettable experience! We lost all our luggages when we arrived at HongKong. Only afer alot of searching at the airport, we were told that our luggages had been shipped to Bombay. Bombay!!!

Immediately, we went to purchase all our necessary clothes and equipment to prepare for the shoot the very moment. Thankfully, we are in HongKong and not some secluded places. We didnt tell Zexin and Huifeng about the luggage loss, until the whole shoot is over. The luggage came after 36 hours of delay. But, all is well.

Nontheless, we had fun for our 2 days of pre-overseas pre-wedding photography. Despite the rain that came down for the 2 days of shoot, one of the first few shots, skipping along Disneyland won us a WPJA award for engagement portraits!

Looks like in every bad, there will be good. Yay. :)