Pre-Wedding at Melbourne, Tasmania

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One of our early overseas pre-wedding shoot in 2009.

We were initially just thinking of Melbourne, and after some consideration, we decided to include Tasmania as well for the pre-wedding photography. Its just a one night boat ride away.

We overslept on the cruise to Tasmania, and had to do makeup in the wildness. Thankfully, our Makeup Artist Liren was very experienced and had no problems dolling up Zhongrui in some secluded places.

When night fall, we are on a mountain top at -2 degrees celcious. Not only we are very “toilet deprived”, we are low on petrol too! Even though, we took the risk to press on for the night photography, where it happened to be mid-autumn festival.

People always say the moon is rounder overseas. One of the photos won us an WPJA award under Lit Portraits. :)