Express Highlights

Express Highlights, also known as SDE (same day edits), are very common in weddings and they are normally used to display the morning activities leading up to the actual wedding.Most of the time, if you have engaged any of our videography partners, RekordHaus or Miror Creations, or any of your preferred videographers, their package usually comes with SDE.

We would normally encourage the wedding couple to use the videographer’s highlights as they usually have more comprehensive coverage and tend to be more entertaining. However, if you do not have a videographer, we would be most glad to help and put together an Express Highlights reel for you too!

The main goal of our Express Highlights is to keep your guests entertained. Most of the time, we will try our best to incorporate some video footage too.

Check out our express highlights samples online
- Sam and Jamie
- Eric and Pamela

If you would like to view more SDE samples, do contact us to arrange for an appointment with our friendly people.