Pre-Wedding Photography

At Avior Pictures, we are renowned for conducting pre-wedding photography sessions in Singapore as well as overseas with assistance from our specialist pre-wedding photographer teams, which makes getting married all the more exciting!

We believe that pre-wedding photography should be full of energy, fun and openly bring out a couple’s actual personality!

By carrying out a pre-wedding photo-shoot, we add a treasurable dimension to your whole wedding experience. We help you capture timeless moments doing everything that you love with your loved ones, in photos that speak a thousand words. You can be as creative as you want when it comes to choosing a theme and can even use your own love story as one! Maybe you started out as college/high school sweethearts, and first met each other on a train or over a mahjong game, at Disneyland, or even while playing a game of netball. It is your story and what better way to carry out a pre-wedding photo-shoot than by capturing the essence of your first meeting? The venue is not important – it can be where you first met, or dated or kissed or proposed, and be it local or overseas,

we will come with you to create everlasting memories together.

Relive the extra-special and unforgettable moments of your unique love story through Avior Pictures’ pre-wedding photography. All you have to do is discuss the details or main theme with us and trust us to carry out the rest of the arrangements.

Keep in mind that ultimately it is up to you and your significant other to make it an engaging and exciting experience for the both of you. All it takes is a bit of boldness, bravery, creativity and originality!

If you have any questions about our pre-wedding photographers or wedding photography services, photos or anything else (such as something from our blog), don’t hesitate to contact us via email at: We shall make it a point to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Browse through our pre-wedding photography galleries below to see for yourself how delightful your very own pre-wedding album could be!
- Local Pre Wedding Photography
- Boon Siong and NianFeng
- Vincent and Jana
- Alvin and Kelly
- Local Pre Wedding Photography Compilations

- Overseas Pre Wedding Photography
- Jianyong and Jacqueline at Sweden
- Gerald and Siying at Bintan
- Lucien and Liping at Vietnam
- Gavin and Perlyn at Malaysia
- Zexin and Huifeng at Hongkong
- Zexin and Huifeng at Sydney
- Terence and Zhongrui at Australia
- Perth compilations
- Overseas Pre Wedding Photography Compilations

Engagement Photography
- Eric and Pamela
- Mike and Felicia
- Engagement Photography Compilations