Overseas Pre-Wedding Photography

Keen on having your pre-wedding shoot in a country that you have always wanted to go to?

The stress is always on us to do overseas pre-wedding shoots. Although it might sound glamourous (“Wow, everyone gets to travel!), deep down, we feel very stressed since we cannot miss any overseas assignment, rain, snow, or shine!

Thankfully, we have plenty of adventures with all our wonderful folks out there! Thank you for trusting in us and flying us to places that we have never thought of for all the overseas pre-wedding photography memories.

Contact us for further discussion to make your dream come true!

Overseas Pre Wedding Photography
- Overseas Pre-wedding of Jianyong and Jacqueline at Sweden
- Overseas Pre-wedding of Gerald and Siying at Singapore/Bintan
- Overseas Pre-wedding of Lucien and Liping at Vietnam
- Overseas Pre-wedding of Gavin and Perlyn at Malaysia
- Overseas Pre-wedding of Zexin and Huifeng at HongKong
- Overseas Pre-wedding of Zexin and Huifeng at Australia
- Overseas Pre-wedding of Terence and Zhongrui at Australia
- Overseas Pre-wedding Perth Compilations
- Overseas Pre Wedding Photography Compilations